Leo lives in a commune with his parents, who moved there while his mother was carrying him. He knows no other life and is quite happy to stay in the commune for the rest of his life, working as a mechanic with Elder John and his friends Gregory and Kane and keeping to himself. Everything changes when Elder John decides to take him to the car auction and they have a serious crash in the car transporter. Leo is flung out into a hostile and confusing world and has to deal with the terrifying contrasts between his old life and where he finds himself. 

ISBN: 978-0-9954963-5-4



Celia Bell appears to have the perfect life. She is married to a well-respected family doctor who has a partnership in a thriving medical practice, she has a lovely home and two successful adult children. However, she is unable to share what is really happening in her seemingly perfect life with any of her friends or family. She only realises how very lonely she is when, quite by chance, she meets someone who highlights just how much she needs to change things for herself.

ISBN: 978-0-9954963-4-7



Aftermath tells how Jean, who has just lost her husband in a car crash, finds that a serious head injury has left her with a rather strange gift. She can see people who have died but who haven't moved on, although she can't communicate with them. She hates having the gift and sees it as a curse, so she tries very hard to ignore it. She is recovering from her bereavement and is starting to live a normal life until she meets Sophie, who seems to have the same gift.

ISBN: 978-0-9954963-2-3


  A Few Dark Thoughts is a collection of twenty short stories. They include a story about a group of squatters who find a house which seems ideal for their needs, but they find out that all is not as it seems. There's the story of a lazy young man who works in a pizza parlour. He hates having to work for a living, but then he finds a way to make easy money. Then there's the story of a man who is struck down by an unidentified, crippling disease and is admitted to a nursing home. He is immobile but he plots a way to get back at his family, who seem to have abandoned him.

ISBN: 978-0-9954963-0-9